Jonathan Taylor

CEO, Voxeo

9 minutes, 4.3mb, recorded 2009-03-03
Jonathan Taylor

Voxeo, Jonathan Taylor's 10-year-old company was started in order to make it easy for anyone to create and deploy applications for the phone. Until now, voice XML has been the standard, but with Tropo, the new offering, it is possible for developers to write code in any of the five general purpose programming languages -- JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Groovy -- and have their code run on mobile phones.

The platform makes it possible to run many different applications on it. Taylor explains that it is easy to learn, comfortable to use, powerful yet scalable.

Currently, the interface is launching in beta and will be offered for free to everyone. After initial launch it will continue to be free for developers.

Jonathan Taylor combined his experience in both business operations and technology innovation to found Voxeo in 1999. Prior to Voxeo, Jonathan founded and helped bring three additional software and infrastructure service companies to profitability. From 1995 to 1997, Jonathan was the founder and President of InterResearch and Development Group (IRdg), Inc. Prior to IRdg, Jonathan helped relaunch Columbia Data Products (CDP), Inc. - manufacturer of the first IBM compatible computer - with an emphasis on OEM storage technology. Jonathan serves on the boards of Voxeo and Columbia Data Products.


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