Steven Willmott

Steven Willmott

There's growing awareness of the need to publish data online, and to support programmatic access to that data. In this conversation, host Jon Udell talks with Steven Willmott about how his company, 3Scale, helps businesses create and manage application programming interfaces to their data.

Steven Willmott is the technical lead at 3scale networks - a startup company based in Barcelona, Spain that provides infrastructure tools for APIs and Web Services. 3scale's aim is to provide the means for companies to open up data and functionality APIs to power their own business and create an increasingly rich world of accessible and resuable services.

Steven was previously head of research at the Machine Learning and Knowledge Engineering Lab at the Technical University of Catalunya in Barcelona Spain and has spent the last 10 years working on Web technology ranging from low level messaging protocols, resource control, Semantic Web, Web APIs and Web Services standards. Steven is also an invited expert contributing in an advisory capacity to the European Commission's R&D initiatives on Software, Services and Future Internet Research.


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