Peter Diedrich

CEO, Mobivox

Mobivox CRM Launch
8 minutes, 4mb, recorded 2009-03-03
Peter Diedrich

Mobivox started as a consumer service to improve the telephone calling experience, and now is launching a customer relationship management platform to improve the way businesses interact with their customers.  In this presentation from the 2009 Emerging Communications Conference, Peter Diedrich of Mobivox describes the way their new voice CRM platform allows companies to seamlessly introduce sales and customer retention messages into conversations with their customers.

Most customer relationship messages are done through outbound sales and survey calls or through email and snail mail.  In contrast, the Mobivox platform allows companies to take advantage of the inbound calls customers make to handle things like billing, adjustments, and account inquiries.  Inserting targeted messages ranging from simple a "thank you" to up-selling or referrals improves customer retention and reduces costly churn.  The goal of the platform is to educate, promote, and convert customers in a natural, comfortable way.

Peter Diedrich has over 20 years of experience in technology and telecommunications, management consulting and venture capital. Peter has played key leadership and executive roles at a number of notable firms, including Bell-Northern Research, Nortel Networks, McKinsey & Company, Bell Canada Enterprises, RBC Capital Partners, and Skypoint Capital. From 2006-08, Peter was President and CEO of TBayTel, Canada’s largest independently owned full-service telecommunications carrier and a member of the TBayTel Municipal Services Board. Peter is a member of Professional Engineers of Ontario and holds the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors. He has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Carleton University and a Master of Science in Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management.


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