Jeremy Toeman

CEO and Founder, Legacy Locker

Protecting Your Digital Assets
45 minutes, 20.7mb, recorded 2009-06-01
Jeremy Toeman

What happens to your online assets when you die? How can you make sure that your family can gain access to your digital identity? Jeremy Toeman, founder and CEO of Legacy Locker, talks with Phil and Scott about how the company has developed a way to protect your online assets.

Jeremy first discusses why he felt the need to create the site and discusses some of the important information Legacy Locker is meant to protect. He talks about some of the options users have related to passwords, domain names, and other online materials.

He also reviews some of the security issues and how the company is working to protect accounts, including law enforcement and other legal inquiries.

Jeremy Toeman is a well known digital media entrepreneur whose background includes a blend of design, new media marketing, and technical expertise spanning more than a decade in consumer electronics. Over the last 12 years, Mr. Toeman has worked with, and advised numerous Silicon Valley companies across a wide range of the CE spectrum. An expert in digital/social media, Mr. Toeman is frequently sought after for high level speaking engagements at such events as eComm, CTIA, and CES.  He is also a regular contributor to LIVEdigitally, and often pens a guest column for Engadget.

Mr. Toeman pioneered social media marketing as Sling Media's vice president of Market Development, where he was responsible for brand identity and consumer outreach, and successfully built the first online community for a consumer electronics product.  He joined the company in 2004, as vice president of product management where he oversaw the development of the award-winning Slingbox, SlingPlayer Windows and SlingPlayer Mobile software.  Prior to that, he was co-founder of Mediabolic, a digital home entertainment middleware provider acquired by Macrovision in 2006. There he defined and managed the development of company's products, designing multiple award-winning consumer electronics devices for HP, Pioneer, and Denon, among others.  Additionally, he co-founded Palmtastik, a very successful Web portal for Palm Pilot owners. Mr. Toeman holds a B.S. in Economics and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.



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