Dirk Hohndel

Intel Corporation

Moblin, Linux for Next Generation Mobile Internet
15 minutes, 7mb, recorded 2008-07-22
Dirk Hohndel

If you're looking for a Linux initiative that is truly open source, where you can download the source, contribute without censorship, and drive the project, check out Moblin.org.

A new class of devices is emerging that enables full Internet access while on the go. These Internet-centric devices known as Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), netbooks or nettops combine the software compatibility of the PC with an easy-to-use, consumer friendly user interface. To drive innovation in this space, and foster community participation, and to avoid locking into a proprietary platform, Intel launched Moblin.org, a community focused on enabling the new technologies required to deliver this new category of Linux-based devices.

Dirk Hohndel shares his vision and provides an overview of the technologies and projects that are part of Moblin.org, including tools such as Moblin Image Creator, and provides information on how developers can start porting or developing new applications for Moblin.

Dirk Hohndel has been an active developer and contributor in the Linux space since its earliest days. Among other roles, he worked as Chief Technology Officer of SuSE and as Vice President of The XFree86 Project, Inc. Dirk joined Intel in 2001. He works in the Software and Solutions Group and focuses on the technology direction of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center and guides Intel’s engagements in open source. He is an active contributor in many open source projects and organizations, various program committees and advisory boards.


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