Mark Madsen

Founder, Third Nature

Using Open Source BI in the Real World
23 minutes, 10.8mb, recorded 2009-04-23
Mark Madsen

Often, our predictions about the future are based on the present--what we think we will want in the future based on what we want now. Analysts make predictions about the future, but because they live in the same world as the general public, they can't always see the innovations and practices which will become common practice any more than the general public can.

Mark Madsen explains that analysts have made predictions about the future of open source and Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing software but those predictions are based on the stance of safety and resistance to risk of the general public. Some early adopters are using OS BI/DW software. These companies do so because as supply and demand for Business Intelligence software goes up, factors such as cost and flexibility make open source more appealing.

Madsen concludes that reticence on the part of companies to adopt the software is due to its lack of maturity. There is work to be done to make OS BI/DW software more robust, but open source seems to be the future of Business Intelligence, and it is only a matter of time before the curve reaches the general business public.

Mark Madsen is the founder of Third Nature, a consulting an technology research firm focused on new and emerging technology and practices in business intelligence, data integration and information management. Mark is also a well-known consultant and industry analyst who frequently speaks at conferences and seminars in the US and Europe and writes for a number of leading industry publications.



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