Timothy Fitz

Continuous Deployment
54 minutes, 24.9mb, recorded 2009-03-30
Timothy Fitz

Timothy Fitz believes that it is best to use the concept of Continuous Deployment in software development. He thinks that by deploying small changes constantly, problems will appear quicker and can be solved more easily. He joins Phil and Scott to discuss the topic and how he is using it in the real world.

In addition, he also talks about the concept of Lean Startup and how it relates to Continuous Deployment. He cites a number of examples of the two ideas and discusses related work being done by others.

Timothy Fitz is a Technical Lead at IMVU Inc.,  an interactive entertainment company. He is commonly known for bringing the practice of Continuous Deployment to the attention of the software development community. He is an author and speaker on software development topics, focusing on Lean Startup theory and practices. Timothy is one of the many regular volunteers that helps run SuperHappyDevHouse, a party in Silicon Valley for hackers and thinkers.



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