Seth Grimes

Founder, Alta Plana

Business Analytics
48 minutes, 22mb, recorded 2009-03-31
Seth Grimes

Seth Grimes is a business intelligence expert with a special interest in text analytics. In this conversation with host Jon Udell, he discusses how a new breed of tools is enabling companies to build "voice of the customer" applications that extract useful signals from the noisy chatter that's erupting everywhere online.

Seth Grimes has worked for over twenty years in data-systems architecture and design, specializing in systems for analysis and management of social, demographic, economic, and marketing statistics and related use of the Internet. This work encompasses decision support, business intelligence, data mining, data warehousing, and statistics.

He is also contributing editor and Breakthrough Analysis columnist for Intelligent Enterprise magazine and writes and speaks on technology trends, business intelligence, data management and analysis systems, text mining, open-source analytics, and similar topics.

Grimes earned a master's in mathematics at the Univ. of Washington in Seattle and a bachelor's in mathematics and philosophy at Wesleyan Univ. in Middletown, Connecticut. He and family reside in Takoma Park, Maryland near Washington D.C., where he is active in local politics and community affairs.


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