Andrew Rasiej

Founder, Personal Democracy Forum

Andrew Rasiej

Andrew Rasiej [ rah - shay ] is a social entrepreneur who believes that the abundant connectivity we're creating and experiencing can transform education, politics, and society as a whole. In this conversation with host Jon Udell he discusses several of the projects he has founded. MOUSE is an educational non-profit that transforms students into system administrators who computerize and network their schools. The Personal Democracy Forum brings together technologists and politicians to explore how connected information and communication systems can help us reboot America.

Andrew Rasiej is a social entrepreneur, futurist, and Founder of Personal Democracy Forum, an annual conference and community website focusing on and promoting the intersection of politics and technology. He is also the co-founder of techPresident, an award winning group blog that covers how the 2008 Presidential candidates are using the web, and how voter generated content (a term he coined) is affecting the campaign. In the 2004 Presidential race he served as Chairman of the Howard Dean Technology Advisory Council. In 2005 he ran a highly visible campaign for Public Advocate of New York City, running in the Democratic primary on a platform to bring low cost wireless internet access to all New Yorkers. He writes a bi weekly column for and he appears as an expert on the Internet and politics on major media channels including CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, FOX, BBC, SKY News, the Daily Show, and is quoted regularly on this subject by major newspapers internationally including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, La Monde, The Financial Times, etc, and major magazines including The Economist, Wired, Time, Newsweek, Fast Company, and Popular Science among others.



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