Sara Nelson

Editor-In-Chief, Publishers Weekly

Publishing: True or False
30 minutes, 13.9mb, recorded 2008-02-11
Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson gives a presentation at TOCcon about the past, present and future of book publishing, book distribution and book reading. She talks about what roles the publisher and the distributor historically has played, and what roles they play in the industry today.

She discusses how the format of a book, and how the context in which we read a book, can influence the kinds of books that we read. The creative placement of ads and the question about whether or not ads are selling books in today's technology rich society. We get to hear about the book industry's fear of piracy and how giving away books in an electronic form can actually help drive the sale of printed books.

She shares with us her views on what the book industry contributes with when it comes to saving the environment. As well as the modern art of reviewing books, and why we are a very long way from doing away with books completely.

Sara Nelson became editor in chief of Publishers Weekly in January 2005, straight from a stint as the Book Beat columnist for the New York Post. A journalist for twenty five years, Nelson had previously written a publishing column for the New York Observer and reviewed for publications from Glamour magazine to the Chicago Tribune. She was one of the founding editors of Her freelance pieces have appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and many national magazines.



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