Heinemeier Hansson, Kemper, Koziarski

Rails Core Team

Q&A with the Rails Core Team
59 minutes, 27mb, recorded 2008-09-02
Koziarski, Hansson, Kemper

David Heinemeier Hansson, Jeremy Kemper and Michael Koziarski from the Rails Core Team take part in this Q&A session from RailsConf Europe 2008. They answer questions from the audience delving into the technical details of the Ruby on Rails web application framework, the benefits of monkey patch shipping, the slowing of the new paradigm flow, framework goals and the evolution of the Rails community.

The team discusses how Ruby on Rails is adapting to the growing requirement to support legacy releases using old versions of Ruby, what the future directions are for Rails, how a change in version control software is shaping the direction of Rails, why programmer happiness is a key goal and to what extent the emerging trend for MVC in the browser will marginalise server side development. They highlight the importance of not abstracting http away but instead leveraging the standard.

The team responds to questions about the Rails community, the Rails sweet spot, test framework choices, user contributions, and conference experiences.

David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) is a programmer and evangelist of Less Software. He's the creator of applications such as Instiki, Basecamp, and Ta-da, and works with the open source community and design extraordinaires 37signals. Since its release in late July 2004, he's also been leading the development of Ruby on Rails, a web application framework and environment for building real-world applications with joy and less code than most frameworks spend doing XML sit-ups.

Jeremy Kemper (bitsweat) is a programmer at 37signals hailing from Pasadena, California. Hot on the heels of DHH, he has been the most active contributor to Rails. He's knee deep in pretty much all aspects of the framework and one of the top batters against new, incoming tickets.

Michael “Koz” Koziarski is a software advisor based in Wellington, New Zealand. After a successful stint as an enterprise Java developer, he switched to Rails shortly after the first public release. Koz is a contributor to The Rails Way, he talks about technology, and can often be found tumbling.


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