Jesse Stay


Jesse Stay

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have a great deal of potential to help people build relationships.  However, they can be so full of features that some users have trouble taking full advantage of the sites.  Jesse Stay joins Phil and Scott to discuss SocialToo, described on the site as "your companion to the social Web".  Jesse talks about how SocialToo is meant to help members become social power users by using SocialToo's tools to help members take advantage of the continuing growth of social relationship sites.

Jesse also discusses Twitter in more detail.  He talks about some of the technical aspects of it, how it compares to Facebook, and reviews how he uses Twitter.

Jesse Stay is the Social Media Guru. A programmer since age 10, Jesse decided to combine those skills with the entrepreneurial skills he gained in High School growing up selling T-Shirts, candy, and snacks to his peers in High School, to forming Lemonade Stands as a child, to his own Lawn Mowing business as a Teenager, to developing applications on Facebook as the Facebook Developer Platform launched. One of his applications from his Holy Rolls network of religious applications on Facebook sold within 2 months to an undisclosed organization, and Jesse quickly realized the value of Facebook. Jesse is now a founding Partner in his own Social Media consulting and development agency called, and has helped applications from those clients he consults for to become some of the top applications on Facebook. Some of Jesse's clients range from those in the fortune 500 to very small startups, showing that businesses, from large to small, can benefit by having a presence on Facebook. Jesse now writes and consults for software on Facebook, Bebo, OpenSocial, Twitter, and many other platforms. Jesse fully recognizes the power that Social Media can bring to any organization.


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