Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath

Hacker, Yahoo! Brickhouse

Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath

Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath of Yahoo, Brickhouse, gives a brief talk about the very exciting work he is doing on Fire Eagle, a Yahoo! owned service that acts as a store for user location (in real-time!) information. A backbone for other location and geo-aware based services and applications.

Rabble argues for Fire Eagle, as the coming glue between what services service providers want to provide, what information they have access to about their users. And what services that the users and customers of said service providers ask for. Through Fire Eagle, users can decide, which services, and service providers they want to share their private information with. And how service providers need to give their users tangible, compelling reasons to get access to private information about these users.

Evan Henshaw-Plath is a technologist and activist who currently lives in San Francisco, California. He has been involved with the indymedia media activist network setting up media labs, developing participatory open publishing software, SMS, voice/VOIP telephony systems, pod casting systems, calendaring applications via protest.net, and related activities. His work has been focused in Europe, North and South America. He is currently working as the lead engineer of Odeo.com a pod casting and open standards telephony start up based in San Francisco.


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