Roger Magoulas

Director, Market Research, O'Reilly Media

Facebook Apps: Big Picture Stats and Trends
15 minutes, 6.9mb, recorded 2008-06-10
Roger Magoulas

While the number of Facebook apps is increasing, activity is flattening out and concentrated in the most popular apps.  In this presentation from O'Reilly's Graphing Social Patterns conference, Roger Magoulas of O'Reilly Media breaks down some statistics and opportunities on Facebook apps.  The majority of all activity is in the top few percent of apps, with a strong power law relationship between them.  Different demographics and psychograpics have changed the pattern of usage as Facebook expands beyond its original United States based college student population.

Roger Magoulas is the director of market research at O'Reilly Media. Magoulas runs a team that is building an open source analysis infrastructure and provides analysis services, including technology trend analysis, to business decision-makers at O'Reilly and beyond. In previous incarnations, Magoulas designed and implemented data warehouse projects for organizations ranging from the San Francisco Opera to the Alberta Motor Club.


This free podcast is from our Graphing Social Patterns series.

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Photo: James Duncan Davidson