Anne Thomas Manes

Burton Group

Is SOA Dead?
43 minutes, 20.1mb, recorded 2009-02-03
Anne Thomas Manes

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides ways to group functions around business processes, packaging them as services. This allows for better coordination between services.  Anne Thomas Manes of the Burton Group joins Phil and Scott to discuss whether SOA is dead.

Many of her ideas are built around the idea that people are bad at architecture.  She reviews examples of concrete architectural practices, including arch and process normalization.  As part of her review of SOA, she shows why spectacular gains come from spectacular efforts.

Anne Thomas Manes is a Research Director with Burton Group, a research and consulting firm. Anne is a widely recognized industry expert on Web Services. She is the author of Web Services: A Manager's Guide. In 2002, NetworkWorld named Anne one of the 50 most powerful people in networking. The previous year she received a similar honor from Enterprise Systems Journal, who listed her among the 2001 Power 100 IT Leaders. She is a frequent speaker at trade shows and author of numerous articles. She is a member of the editorial board of Web Services Journal. Anne participates in Web Services standards development efforts at JCP, W3C, and OASIS. Before joining Burton Group, Anne took a sabbatical and spent six months writing her book. She formed Bowlight at that time to host her independent consulting activities. Prior to that she was the Chief Technology Officer at Systinet, the Web Services Infrastructure Company. Before joining Systinet, Anne was Director of Market Innovation at Sun Microsystems, where she pioneered Sun's Web Services strategies. She also served as a Senior Analyst with Patricia Seybold Group, where she was Editor-in-Chief of the "Distributed Computing Monitor" newsletter. Anne developed her expertise working at a number of the world's leading hardware and software companies. Anne earned a bachelors degree in Economics at Wellesley College.



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