Javier Soltero

CEO, Hyperic, Inc.

Clouds Are No Substitute for Competence
14 minutes, 6.8mb, recorded 2008-06-23
Javier Soltero

Why is cloud computing not about to replace on-site facilities overnight? How can cloud computing contribute toward the difficulty of isolating application performance problems? What is the missing component of cloud computing? How will cloud computing adoption differ from previous technology adoption patterns? Javier Soltero scrutinizes the current wave of centralized computing platforms by highlighting potential dangers and ways to mitigate the impact of these dangers. He explains why a status bar that is perpetually green is just a part of the required picture of cloud computing health.

Soltero explores ways of gaining insights into the performance and health of compute clouds as he walks through a demonstration of his company's cloud monitoring service. He explains the need for clear visibility into these systems and how this benefits both producer and consumer. Along the way he goes into depth about each of the Amazon cloud services his system monitors.

Javier Soltero is co-founder and CEO of Hyperic. Prior to co-founding Hyperic, he was chief architect at Covalent Technologies, where he led the design and implementation of multiple enterprise products, including the configuration management product for Apache and the Covalent Application Manager—now Hyperic HQ. Prior to Covalent, Soltero was a senior software engineer at Backflip. Soltero also held senior engineering positions at Netscape, where he participated in the design development of e-commerce and Internet infrastructure suites. Over the last 10 years, Soltero has been actively involved in various open source communities as both user and contributor to projects like JBoss and Tomcat.

Soltero is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico and received his BS in Information Systems and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


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