Aaron Iba

Co-founder, AppJet Inc.

49 minutes, 22.6mb, recorded 2009-01-26
Aaron Iba

EtherPad is a real-time text collaboration tool, produced by AppJet, Inc. and currently in beta.  Aaron Iba, co-founder of the company, joins Phil and Scott to discuss it.  In addition to giving its background, he discusses its technical aspects, including how it uses AppJet as a platform.

Aaron discusses the architecture of EtherPad and reviews the future of the tool, as well as possible future uses for AppJet.

Aaron Iba is the co-founder and CEO of AppJet Inc., makers of EtherPad.  Before founding AppJet in 2007, Aaron worked in the Search Quality department at Google, researching and developing new ranking algorithms.  He holds a degree in mathematics from MIT.



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