Peter Sisson

CEO, Toktumi

Search Dialing? Now you're talking!
14 minutes, 6.8mb, recorded 2008-03-13
Topics: Telephony
Peter Sisson

Just as the PC subsumed the typewriter, Peter Sisson predicts the inevitable integration of the phone and PC.  He describes a PC phone integration model for the huge small office, home office market. The model is simple and requires only a PC, a phone, and a hosted service, allowing the customer to do local search dialing online using keywords such as coffee shop or plumber.  

This service is available from Sisson’s company, Toktumi, whose target market is the SOHO market, a very big opportunity. The service allows customers to search for phone numbers based on business types, and results are drawn from either their PC contacts or online directories, including the Toktumi directory. Use of the keyword searching allows for a model of advertising-supported office phone service.

Peter Sisson, CEO of Toktumi, is a proven serial entrepreneur and VoIP pioneer, whose last VoIP company, Teleo, was acquired by Microsoft in 2005. Peter has over 20 years of experience in the telecom and Internet industries, starting at Bell Labs in 1985, where he wrote operating software for office phone systems. Won 2005 DEMOgod award and was 2005 finalist for best mobile laptop service at MobileFocus/CTIA with Teleo. Founder and Former President of Mixonic as well as Founder and Former CEO of, Peter has experience in many industries. He has been on the forefront of the Internet industry for years, and was named one of the top 10 "people to watch" by CNET. Peter has also won the Arthur Anderson Best Practices Award for Strategic Leadership with He is a graduate of Dartmouth, Stanford and Cornell Universities.


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