Danese Cooper

Open Source Initiative and Intel Corporation

Why Whinging Doesn't Work
16 minutes, 7.6mb, recorded 2008-07-24
Danese Cooper

In this conference talk from the 2008 O'Reilly Open Source Convention Danese Cooper investigates the consequences of whinging versus doing in the Free and Open Source communities. She examines approaches that have been taken outside of the software development world to move to the next level of cooperative problem solving. Danese explains ways of reframing issues to take away the negativity.

She appeals to examples of several individuals who have transceded their immediate circumstances to reach a better place in the search for paths forward. She describe specific progress being made by a female group of Linux enthusiasts and remarks on emerging markets for open source.

Danese Cooper recently joined Intel after six years as manager of Sun Microsystems' Open Source Programs Office. She was instrumental in Sun's adoption of the Sun Public License for NetBeans software, the creation of the Sun Industry Standards Source License and the new Joint Copyright Assignment, and in the adoption of a dual-licensing strategy, including selection of the GNU Lesser General Public License for OpenOffice.org.





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