Andrew Boutin

Pellergy, LLC

Residential Heating With Solid Fuels
54 minutes, 24.8mb, recorded 2009-01-22

When Andy Boutin couldn't find a wood-fired boiler compatible with the steam heating system in his new home, he decided to mate a pellet burner to the existing boiler. Now his company, Pellergy, has brought the solution to the market. In this interview with host Jon Udell, the former marine engineer and naval architect offers a unique perspective on the modern rediscovery -- and reinvention -- of residential heating with solid fuels.

Andrew Boutin teamed up with a long-time friend and fellow engineer from New Hampshire and a business associate with combustion engineering experience from Vermont. Using systems engineering principles, the team performed trade studies, market surveys and analyses and investigated technologies and advancements in: BioDiesel, BioPellet (Grass, Corn, Low-Grade Wood), Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Methane & Wood. The team came to one conclusion: Wood pellet conversion of existing heating systems was best suited to meet New England's demanding heating needs.


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