Dion Almaer, Ben Galbraith, Scott Lemon

A New Year and New Projects
49 minutes, 22.7mb, recorded 2009-01-12
Dion Almaer, Ben Galbraith, Scott Lemon

With the beginning of a new year, it's always a good time to look ahead to upcoming activities and products.  Phil, Dion, Ben and Scott talk about what they are expecting in 2009.  Phil first discusses the problems with having to raise funds for a business startup, a necessary but often difficult process.  They then talk about some of the new products announced at CES and Macworld.

Scott also talks about his download of the Windows 7 Beta.  The discussion ends with the upcoming transition to digital TV.

Scott C. Lemon is founder and CTO of Scintilla Communications, Inc. - a SMS/Text Messaging solutions start-up - and founder of HumanXtensions L.L.C. - an Internet R&D company. Scott's recent history in the computer industryinclude being CTO at MediaForge - a next generation viral marketing and web enhancement company, consulting to numerous Utah start-ups, along with beingChief Technologist at SCO, Chief Strategist at Vultus, and holding numerous positions during his four tours of duty at Novell. Scott's expertise rangesfrom computer and wireless hardware technologies, to networking and distributed software applications. As a futurist studying the patterns ofevolution, his past experiences in operating systems - CP/M, DOS, Windows, OS/2, NetWare, UNIX, Linux and others - is allowing him to explore the newlevels of abstractions provided by the Internet.

Ben Galbraith is the co-director of Developer Tools at Mozilla. Ben has long juggled interests in both business and tech, having written his first computer program at six years old, started his first business at ten, and entered the IT workforce at twelve. He has delivered hundreds of technical presentations world-wide, produced several technical conferences, and co-authored over a half-dozen books. He has enjoyed a variety of business and technical roles throughout his career, including CEO, CIO, CTO, and Chief Software Architect roles in medical, publishing, media, manufacturing, advertising, and software industries. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife and four children.

Dion Almaer is the co-founder of Ajaxian.com, the leading source of the Ajax community. For his day job, Dion co-leads a new group at Mozilla focusing on developer tools for the Web, which is something he has been passionate about doing for years, and is excited for the opportunity! Dion has been writing rich web applications from the beginning, and has been a columnist on various topics at ONJava, TheServerSide.com, openxource.com and of course his blog at almaer.com/blog. He enjoys writing, and speaking at events such as JavaOne, Web 2.0 Expo, Future of Web Apps, Google I/O, JavaPolis, TheServerSide Symposium, and created The Ajax Experience. He also participates on the Java Community Process expert groups, and the open source community as a whole.  He enjoys the new Internet media that allows him to connect with the community, and thus created Audible Ajax, recently launched the Open Web Podcast with other industry gurus, and founded the Google Code Review show.


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