Ignite ETech

Your Chance To Tell The World
69 minutes, 32mb, recorded 2008-03-03
Saul Griffith, Kevin Marks, Jan Borchers, David Orban

If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? Each of the twelve speakers below gives a five minute talk on his or her passion. Matt Webb gives a science fictional tour of the solar system; Saul Griffith shows cartoon books designed to bring a spirit of adventure to science education; David Orban desribes location-aware sensors that allow users to better understand their environment. These and nine other high-energy talks make up the mind jamming Ignite session.

Linda Stone focuses her thinking on trends and their strategic and consumer implications, and is featured in John Brockman's book, "THEDIGERATI," which described her as a visionary both within Microsoft and to the industry at large.

Jimmy Guterman is editorial director of O’Reilly’s Radar group and the editor of O’Reilly’s Release 2.0 and has written or edited for more than 100 newspapers, newsletters, or magazines.

Matt Webb engineers, designs, and hacks technology and physical things and is coauthor of Mind Hacks, cognitive psychology for a general audience.

Stefan Magdalinski was previously, a “bunch of things” and is now CTO of MOO.com, a UK-based, Web 2.0, global personal printing startup.

Noel Dickover is an established human performance technology consultant currently working as the Emerging Technology Lead for the DoD CIO IT and Investment Policy Directorate.

Saul Griffith is an inventor whose innovations span industrial design, technology, and science education with a goal of giving a spirit of adventure to science education.

Kevin Marks is a Google software engineer, who works on the OpenSocial and Social Graph API projects.

Deb Schultz has been inventing and innovating for over 15 years in emerging technologies - where people, technology and media intersect.

Cuneyt Taskiran is a senior research engineer at Motorola Labs working on media technologies.

David Orban is Founder & Chief Evangelist of OpenSpime, a technology infrastructure company providing innovative solutions for an Open Internet of Things.

Jan Borchers is a full professor of computer science and head of the Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University, researching in the field of human-computer interaction.

Scotto Moore is a Seattle writer whose style is punctuation-defying with an absurdist streak.


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