Top Tech Cars Q&A

An IEEE Spectrum Radio Special

IEEE Spectrum Radio
27 minutes, 12.5mb, recorded 2008-08-01

The IEEE Spectrum Top 10 Tech Cars of 2008 have been chosen, and the theme is: "It's All About The Environment, Stupid!"

Some of the cars, like the BMW Sports Activity Coupe with the turbocharger inside the V of the engine, have refined existing technology for environmental benefits.  Others, like the VW Polo BlueMotion or the Mazda 2, do more with less, making already small cars more fuel efficient.

The cars not focused on the environment are at different ends of a spectrum.  On the cheap side, the Tata Nano is an 11ft long family car selling for $2,500, whose goal is to put India on wheels.  On the other end of the spectrum, the Corvette ZR1 is expected to top 200mph and have the best performance per dollar of any supercar.

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