Jeff Jonas

Chief Scientist, IBM Entity Analytics

IBM Entity Analytics
53 minutes, 24.6mb, recorded 2009-01-01
Jeff Jonas

On this edition of Interview with Innovators, host Jon Udell speaks with the Chief Scientist of IBM Entity Analytics, Jeff Jonas, who discusses a set of themes woven through his work, explored on his blog, and captured in a series of evocative phrases: perpetual analytics, non-obvious relationship awareness, sequence neutrality, "data finds data", and anonymous resolution.

In the end, Jeff Jonas wants us to be able to answer yes to a pair of seemingly contradictory questions. Can we find out everything we need to know as soon as possible? And can we discover it without violating privacy?

Jeff Jonas is chief scientist of the IBM Entity Analytics group and an IBM Distinguished Engineer. The IBM Entity Analytics group was formed based on technologies developed by Systems Research & Development (SRD), founded by Jonas in 1984 and acquired by IBM in January 2005.

Jonas was briefly a quadriplegic in 1988 following a car accident. Today, he competes in Ironman triathlons around the world. Just this year he completed Ironman Malaysia (2/23/08) and Ironman South Africa (4/13/08). He has been raising three kids over the last 12 years as a single parent.


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