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35 minutes, 16.3mb, recorded 2008-03-03
Tim O'Reilly

In his O'Reilly Radar, Tim O'Reilly brings the world up to speed on technology. But he's not so interested in what's been done, as what's being done. O'Reilly Media is designed to "spread the knowledge of innovators," and focuses on "the edge."

The edge is a risky place, full of mystery, but also limitless opportunity. Who are the brave souls who live on the edge? Hackers. A hacker, according to O'Reilly, is anyone who challenges the boundaries and does the things that they are interested in. Without hackers, we wouldn't have computers, modern medicine, or any of the inventions we attribute to Archimedes, the famous Sicilian mathematician. Hackers make the world go 'round.

ETech and the O'Reilly Radar are there to alert us to the edges of science and technology that are not widely known, and certainly not widely pursued. They tell us about the things that are "small today, but could be huge tomorrow." Thanks to a hacker, biotechnics, new forms of genetic engineering, ambient computing, 3-D image modeling and more are all just around the corner.

Tim O'Reilly is the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media. He is a supporter of free culture, open source, and free software. He is also accredited with using and defining "Web 2.0", the evolution of web-based business and communications.


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