Craig Burton

Innovation and the Secret Sauce
47 minutes, 21.7mb, recorded 2008-12-18
Craig Burton

Craig Burton joins Phil and Scott to discuss some of his ideas about innovation.  He reviews topics covered in three of his recent essays and talks about how innovation is often misunderstood.  He reviews how technology companies make mistakes with customer demographics, as well as how to distinguish innovation myths from innovation realities.  He also presents an example of true innovation as he describes how Novell created software infrastructure as a new software category. 

Craig Burton is one of the leading visionaries and analysts in the computing industry. He is the creator of breakthrough concepts like NetWare Open Systems, The Network Services Model, metadirectory, and The Internet Services Model. He is a frequently consulted expert on new technologies and the process of making software infrastructure ubiquitous.

Craig was one of the founding members of Novell, where he served as senior vice president of corporate marketing and development. During his eight years with Novell, Craig’s unique market strategies resulted not only in market leadership for Novell, but also served to accelerate the movement toward transparent multivendor computing. Since 1998, Craig Burton has been an independent analyst consulting with many industry vendors and concentrating on the Internet Services Model and the paradox of selling software infrastructure.



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