Mark Shuttleworth

Founder, Ubuntu/Canonical Ltd.

Ubuntu Expands Its Vision
44 minutes, 20.2mb, recorded 2007-07-22
Topics: Open Source
Mark Shuttleworth

The vision to build a global platform that is free software, feely available, has powered Ubuntu’s success since its founding in 2004. Founder, Mark Shuttleworth, expands on the vision for the next three years to build a platform that is commercially successful and the foundation for an entire industry.

The key driver for the future of Ubuntu is a commercial ecosystem in which it is possible to run the solution of your choice on Ubuntu on the hardware of your choice. Linux will be the right platform for the next generation of consumer devices, such as mobile internet devices. Ubuntu also strives to balance the needs of the end user with the needs of the developer community with its Launchpad tool for collaboration across open source projects. Ubuntu has helped Linux break out to a much wider audience.

Shuttleworth answers audience questions on the Dell relationship, PlayStation 3, Ubuntu and education, challenges in the embedded space, and more.

Mark Shuttleworth studied finance and information technology at the University of Cape Town, and went on to found Thawte, a company specializing in digital certificates and internet privacy. He sold Thawte to the U.S. company VeriSign in 1999, and founded HBD Venture Capital and The Shuttleworth Foundation. He moved to London in 2001, and began preparing for the First African in Space mission, training in Star City and Khazakstan. In April 2002 Shuttleworth flew in space as a cosmonaut member of the crew of Soyuz Mission TM34 to the International Space Station. In early 2004 he founded the Ubuntu project, which aims to produce a free, high quality desktop OS for everyone.



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