Kathy Sierra

Creating Passionate Users

How to Kick Ass
30 minutes, 14mb, recorded 2008-03-05
Kathy Sierra

What is one thing that you really wanted to be good at but didn’t? The brain processes of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity may mean it’s never too late for you do so. Experts may know more about a subject than others, but that does not fully explain the performance differences between the world class and the average. Kathy Sierra, who is passionate about the brain, how the brain works, and how to exploit it for better learning and memory, shares what that extra something is.

Sierra discusses a handful of techniques that anyone can use to become a better performer. Why it is better to visual your horse’s ears than to visualize yourself riding if you want to improve your riding. What you should tell the dumber part of your brain. Why you’re always in a fight with your legacy brain. What the physical requirements for best brain performance are. And what the two things are that you need to become a world class kick ass performer.

Kathy Sierra has been interested in the brain and artificial intelligence since her days as a game developer (Virgin, Amblin', MGM). She is the co-creator of the bestselling Head First series (finalist for a Jolt Software Development award in 2003, and named to the Amazon Top Ten Editors Choice Computer Books for 2003 and 2004). She is also the founder of one of the largest community web sites in the world, javaranch.com.


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