Jeremy Silver

CEO, Sibelius Software

Music and the Future of New Media
26 minutes, 12mb, recorded 2008-05-21
Jeremy Silver

The general perception is that the music industry is in flames. But music is such an extraordinary experience that it has power to carry on regardless of what happens in the industry. Jeremy Silver discusses the fertile and dynamic world of digital music on the internet which is a scary place for an industry trying to make money. Silver advocates for the success of the music industry as an important contributor to the economy and to the preservation of musicians in society. But no one knows the direction to take the industry for growth.

Silver comments on the positive signs he sees regarding music in the world. He outlines the many activities that are happening in music around promoting talent, delivering music to consumers, and making sense of the huge variety of music. Cutting edge web companies such as Slicethepie, Topspin, Playlouder,, and many more are experimenting with new business models. The future of music will not likely include a shared top 40, but Silver predicts something amazing at hand to be born out of huge uncertainty and energy.

Jeremy Silver is General Manager of Avid Education - Avid's global education business covering all of its digital media products including Pro Tools, Media Composer and SoftImage. He is also CEO of Sibelius Software - the world's leading notation and music education software developer. Silver previously ran the ground-breaking playlist-based music service, Uplister Inc, based in San Francisco, venture backed by August Capital. For five years before that he was Vice President of New Media for the EMI Music Group in London and then in Los Angeles. Previously, Silver was Director of Media Affairs at Virgin Records. Silver also advises digital media businesses and is  Deputy Chairman of Futurelab - the education technology think tank chaired by Lord David Puttnam.


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