Stephen O'Grady

Principal Analyst, RedMonk

Ubuntu's Unique Strengths
24 minutes, 11mb, recorded 2007-07-22
Topics: Open Source
Stephen O'Grady

There's something special about Ubuntu.  It has quickly become the most popular Linux distribution, despite being only a few years old.  The combination of vision, community, and financial backing by Canonical have made it an Open Source darling.  But although it's on top of the Linux distro pile, that pile is only about 2% of the overall desktop market.  There are challenges ahead, and in this keynote from the 2007 O'Reilly Ubuntu Live conference, Stephen O'Grady of RedMonk describes some of the strengths and opportunities that accompany those challenges.

Microsoft Windows, the dominant desktop OS, is too strong to confront head on.  Ubuntu should instead sidestep and outflank Microsoft by using their own strengths in new ways.  O'Grady gives as an example two strengths that are differentiating on their own but could be even more powerful together.  Apt is a simple and powerful way to distribute software, superior to anything that Windows or OSX offers.  The Ubuntu community is more engaging and enthusiastic than others.  If you put these together, you get a world-class channel for developing and distributing software.  This kind of thinking is how Ubuntu can succeed by making it easier to get things done.

Stephen O'Grady is an analyst and co-founder at RedMonk, and covers the full spectrum of enterprise applications from development to deployment, with a special focus on Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Portal solutions.

Before setting up RedMonk, Stephen assisted in building out the enterprise content management and enterprise portal knowledge set at Illuminata by drawing on his real-world expertise in designing, architecting and implementing ECM and Portal solutions for leading systems integrators. Prior to joining Illuminata, Stephen served in various senior capacities with large systems integration firms like Keane and boutique consultancies like Blue Hammock.


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