Eric Lindstrom

CEO, Videojuicer

Video and the future of new media
18 minutes, 8.5mb, recorded 2008-05-21
Eric Lindstrom

The Internet developed in three spaces. The first area was communication, i.e. it served the communication needs of people. The second area was information; people use the Internet to look up information. The third area was commerce, which got many venture capitalists rich. These were the three major grandfather areas that the Internet developed in. However, the new baby of the Internet is entertainment.

Eric Lindstrom, cofounder of VideoJuicer, believes that story telling in the television industry is going to change because of the Internet. He talks about what a hub site and an aggregator site is, and which one you'd need at which stage in building your brand. He also talks about the impact of time-shifting in daytime programming, and how the television industry perceives the Internet as a solution to their problem known as the DVR (digital video recording).

Eric Lindstrom is director and founder of TAKEL consulting, and co-founder of Videojuicer, an online video company. His career spans America, Asia and Europe. He gained a strong background in finance as a stock trader in the US before spending four years in China and Japan.

An MBA graduate of INSEAD in France in 1989, he went to work for IBM’s EMEA Finance and Leasing Headquarters. In the last four years of his six-year career at IBM, he was responsible for the establishment and implementation of the IBM Center for Asset Management in Zug Switzerland. This $800 million internal start-up for cross-border trading provided a single, tax-advantageous point of contact for large customers and markets in Eastern Europe.
Eric left IBM to join Belgian private investors in several projects, including wireless voice paging systems in Asia and software development for physical asset management in the IT industry. He was a founder of BOXXmail AG, an online file-management service, before starting TAKEL Consulting two years ago. Through TAKEL, Eric has been deeply involved in European sales support, product training, routes to market, contracts and sales research for Apple Inc.


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