Karl Susman

President, Susman Insurance Services

Risk, Liability, and Web 2.0
41 minutes, 19.1mb, recorded 2008-10-15
Karl Susman

In this age of instant communications, with still new web activities such as blogging and social networking, individuals and businesses are beginning to learn how to minimize the risk associated with their activities.  Insurance expert Karl Susman talks with Denise about how the industry is beginning to offer policies for people and businesses to protect themselves in this age of instant communications with its problems of rumors and sometimes incorrect information.

While there have been many discussions of the  legal issues, Karl is able to give practical examples of Internet activities and discusses how insurance covered people in the past.  He reviews what companies are offering new types of policies meant to better shelter business and personal assets.

Karl Susman is the president of Susman Insurance Agency. He is also a technology writer for Brentwood Media Group and a faculty instructor at Insurance Educational Association.


This free podcast is from our Sound Policy with Denise Howell series.

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