Doug Fisher

VP & GM, Software and Solutions Group, Intel Corporation

Advancing Technologies Through Open Source
26 minutes, 12mb, recorded 2007-07-23
Doug Fisher

Intel's goal of delivering platforms for innovation has come to the open source space.  Doug Fisher, a vice president at Intel, outlines the role Intel is playing in open source drivers, virtualization tools, operating environments, application layer, and even Linux policy setting.  Intel's relationship with Ubuntu is “on fire” right now.  The introduction to this talk at the Ubuntu Live Conference names Intel as Ubuntu's most influential hardware partner.

Fisher describes the specific area of innovation where Intel and Ubuntu have joined forces. Their goal is to deliver in a mobile internet device the same experience a user would expect from a full-sized internet device. This Mobile Internet Device, or MID, will need optimization along three dimensions. is where the open source community can collaborate on projects for the MID.

After completing his talk, Fisher and Ubuntu leaders take audience questions on varied topics.  Will Intel open its BIOS to open source?  How has Ubuntu mitigated the risk of becoming so popular that it crowds out innovation from elsewhere?  How can the CHI community (Computer Human Interactions) collaborate with the open source developer community?  And more. 


Doug Fisher is vice president, Software and Solutions Group (SSG), and general manager of SSG’s Systems Software Division. He leads a worldwide organization responsible for a broad range of development, enabling, architecture analysis and optimization efforts including pre-boot firmware, operating systems, virtualization, middleware software, graphics, SoftSDV and client/server projections. In addition, Fisher has been named the Intel corporate “Mega Initiative” owner for virtualization.

Prior to joining Intel, Fisher worked for 10 years at Hewlett-Packard where he started his career as a software developer on a real-time operating system with his final role as the marketing manager over the OpenView Network Node Manager product line.

Fisher holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University, and a master’s degree in management from Stanford University.


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