Tyler Whitaker

CEO, TM Ventures, LLC

Prototype and jQuery
60 minutes, 27.5mb, recorded 2008-10-09
Tyler Whitaker

What are the benefits of using Javascript frameworks such as Prototype and jQuery?  What are some of the challenges?  Tyler Whitaker joins Phil and Scott to discuss software development and other related technology issues.

In addition to browser compatability and the problems with debugging in Internet Explorer, they also talk about some interesting websites, including an alpha test that hopes to organize your online life.

Tyler Whitaker is CEO of TM Ventures, LLC. Most recently he was the Vice President of Operations and Support at Berkeley Data Systems (Mozy.com & MozyPro.com).  Mozy was successfully sold to EMC in October of 2007. Before Mozy, he served as the Chief Technology Officer for Symbiot Business Group, a top provider of integrated property services to commercial, retail, hospitality, and industrial clients throughout the United States.

He has been the CIO in several technology startup companies in fields ranging from biometrics to home security to business consulting. He also worked for WordPerfect Corporation in its VAX/VMS mini-mainframe division, where he headed up the WordPerfect 4.2 quality assurance team.

Tyler has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.



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