Derik Stenerson

Program Manager, Microsoft

Derik Stenerson

November 2008 marks the tenth anniversary of RFC 2445, the iCalendar specification that governs the exchange of calendar information on the Internet. On this edition of Interviews with Innovators, host Jon Udell invites one of the authors of RFC2445, Derik Stenerson, to reflect on the history of the venerable standard, and to consider new ways it might be applied in our era of personal publishing.

Derik Stenerson first came to Microsoft on an internship as a Test Engineer on Microsoft Mail. After graduating, Stenerson joined Microsoft full time in the email group and worked in various roles on email and scheduling products, including Schedule+ and Exchange.

His passion for calendaring and scheduling lead to work on the iCalendar standard (IETF RFC 2445) and later on a hosted self-service scheduling solution for small businesses. For the past few years Stenerson has been exercising his other passion for user centered design while building features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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