Steve Cousins

Willow Garage

An Open Source Platform for Personal Robots
13 minutes, 6.2mb, recorded 2008-03-05
Steve Cousins

What are the near term practical robotic applications that are really going to matter? Difficult to predict due to the limited opportunity for people to tinker with the programmatic development of autonomous robots. Steve Cousins wants to overcome this challenge by building an open source platform that will allow enthusiasts to get inside the code and experiment with robotic devices in the same way that early automobile enthusiasts were able to tinker with their cars.

Steve Cousins is President and CEO of Willow Garage, a privately-funded research lab focused on developing the next generation of robotic devices. Prior to joining Willow Garage, Steve was the senior manager of the User-Focused Systems Research Group at the IBM Almaden Research Center, one of the top Human-Computer Interaction Research groups in the world.

Before he assumed his roles at Willow Garage and Almaden Research, Steve managed the Advanced Systems Development Laboratory at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Earlier in his career Steve was a member of the research staff in the Information Sciences and Technology Laboratory where his research interests were in information visualization, personal information management and digital libraries. Steve’s career in research began at the Medical Informatics Laboratory at Washington University School of Medicine, followed by research at Interval Research while completing his doctoral work at Stanford.


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