Bob Blakley

VP and Research Director, Burton Group

51 minutes, 23.8mb, recorded 2008-09-26
Bob Blakley

Establishing an identity continues to be an important and sometimes ignored aspect of digital security.  Bob Blakley has worked in the field for many years and believes that an identity's primary purpose is to enable relationships.  He joins Phil and Scott to discuss his work and his ideas.

He gives an overview of how relationships are tied to identity and reviews different types of identities and how relationships are affected.  He also talks about the concept of relationship providers. 

Bob Blakley is Vice President and research director for Burton Group Identity and Privacy Strategies. He covers identity, privacy, security, authentication, and risk management. Prior to joining Burton Group, Bob was former chief scientist for security and privacy at IBM and served on the National Academy of Science’s study group on Authentication Technologies and Privacy Implications. Bob has served as general chair of the 2003 IEEE Security and Privacy Conference and as general chair of the New Security Paradigms Workshop. He is the former editor of the OMG CORBA security specification, and authored 'CORBA Security: An Introduction to Safe Computing with Objects,' published by Addison-Wesley. Bob is also editor of Open Group’s Authorization API specification effect and currently holds more than 10 patents on security-related technologies.


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