Peter Semmelhack

Bug Labs

Personalizing the Device
13 minutes, 6.3mb, recorded 2008-03-05
Peter Semmelhack

Mr. Semmelhack asks the question "Why haven’t all the gadgets you have ever wanted been made?" The simple answer is that the economic realities of hardware development often stifle innovation. China is driving margins out of the business. Bug Labs is offering a new development model, based upon the success of Lego, that will eliminate cost and creative prohibitions that currently prevent the development and production of many new gadget ideas. The goal is to inspire a new community of hardware users and developers to utilize the full set of tools and modules available, and build upon their open hardware platform. They hope to create a friendly environment in which you can have an idea, build an idea and sell the idea without having to be an expert in engineering, design, logistics and any number of other fields just to get started.

Peter Semmelhack is the founder and CEO of Bug Labs, a company that empowers users to develop truly personal devices. Previously, Peter was the founder and CTO of Antenna Software, a leading mobile enterprise software vendor. Following a 20 year career in software, Peter founded Bug Labs on the belief that users and communities should have the power to create and share devices in the same way they create and share digital content.


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