Jock Gill

Founder, Pellet Futures

Part 1: Residential Alternatives to Fossil Fuel
58 minutes, 26.8mb, recorded 2008-09-04
Jock Gill

Jock Gill is an entrepreneur who's thinking broadly and acting decisively to help create an decentralized energy system that makes appropriate use of biomass. In part one of a two-part interview, he and host Jon Udell discuss alternatives to fossil fuel for residential heating in New England, including wood, wood pellets, and a new approach that uses compressed tablets made from grass.

Jock Gill is the founder of Pellet Futures, a bioenergy consultancy.  Previously he was the co-founder of Biomass Commodities Corporation (BCC) and President of the Grass Energy Collaborative (GEC). Since 2005, Gill has been dedicated to the creation of a biofiber energy sector that produces biofuels and land stewardship tools to promote economic development, a healthy environment and energy independence.


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