Ed Felten & David Robinson

Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University

Center for Information Technology Policy
46 minutes, 21.1mb, recorded 2008-09-02
Ed Felten, David Robinson

Information technologies weave their way into every aspect of our personal, professional, and civic lives. There's a growing need for informed public discussion of their public policy implications. Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP is one emerging forum for that conversation. Ed Felten and David Robinson speak with host Jon Udell to explore the goals and activities of the CITP.

David Robinson is Associate Director of the Center for Information Technology Policy. Before joining the Center, he was the founding managing editor of The American, a business magazine published by the American Enterprise Institute. He has covered the social impact of technology for The American, The Wall Street Journal, and TIME, among other venues.

Ed Felten does research in computer security and privacy, and technology policy. Much of his work is at the interface between these two areas.

Felten's policy work include how to use technology to improve government, electronic voting, intellectual property policy, and the impacts of technology regulation in general. His policy research and teaching is done as part of the Center for Information Technology Policy.


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