David Huynh

Research Scientist, Metaweb Technologies

David Huynh

For MIT's Project SIMILE, David Huynh built an amazing series of web tools for exploring and organizing structured information. Two months into his new gig at Metaweb, he's done it again. On this edition of Interviews with Innovators, host Jon Udell asks Huynh about his Parallax prototype, which creates a powerful new way for users to click their way through related sets of information in Freebase. In essence, a Wikipedia-like database built on a semantic web foundation.

David Huynh recently finished his Ph.D. at MIT where he focused on building data visualization and data manipulation tools that are easy enough to use by people with little or no programming skill. His SIMILE Timeline and SIMILE Exhibit Web APIs have been adopted by many people, many companies, organizations, and institutions around the world. His work both helps people leverage simple data technologies to create data-rich, interactive web sites as well as introduces novel, usable user interface designs in the field of Semantic Web research. He is now a research scientist at Metaweb Technologies, Inc., working on novel ways for people to explore and use the data within Freebase and contribute more data to it.


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