Kaliya Hamlin, Reid Hoffman, John Clippinger

Supernova Identity Panel

Do You Know Where Your Identity Is?
52 minutes, 24.1mb, recorded 2007-06-22
Kaliya Hamlin, Reid Hoffman, John Clippinger

As our lives increasingly straddle the physical and the virtual worlds, the management of identity becomes increasingly crucial from both a business and a social standpoint. John Clippinger, Kaliya Hamlin, and Reid Hoffman examine how online identity can foster relationships and deepen value creation.

They discuss OpenID, including how America Online has chosen to adopt it and how the future of e-commerce and digital life will require identity mechanisms. They also answer questions related to such issues as anonymity and restricting personal information.

Kaliya Hamlin works developing social media strategy and blogging for a variety of clients ranging from Broadway musicals to enterprise software companies. Her own blogging has focused on the emergence of persistent digital identity systems at IdentityWoman.net. She serves in a networking role for several organizations at the intersection of information technology and civil society: Planetwork, Identity Commons and Integrative Activism. She is an associate of the Co-Intelligence Institute and regularly volunteers her networking skill for the Interra Project. Kaliya was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and came to the United States in 1995 to play varsity water polo and study Political Economy, Human Rights, Demography and Environmental Science Policy Management at UC Berkeley. She currently lives with her husband in Oakland, California.

Reid Hoffman was LinkedIn's founding CEO for the first four years before moving to his role as Chairman and President, Products in February 2007. While CEO, Reid built the company to over 9 million members and profitability. He now drives product and business strategy for LinkedIn. Prior to LinkedIn, Reid was Executive Vice President of PayPal, where he was instrumental to the acquisition by eBay and was responsible for partnerships with Intuit, Visa, MasterCard and Wells Fargo. Reid also has held management roles in large technology companies, including Fujitsu Software Corporation and Apple. Currently, in addition to LinkedIn, Reid serves on the Board of Directors for SixApart and Mozilla Corporation.

John Henry Clippinger is a Senior Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at The Harvard Law School. There he directs The Open Identity Meta-system project for the development of Higgins, an open source, inter-operable identity framework that gives people control over their personal information. Dr. Clippinger co-founded the Social Physics project to conduct multi-disciplinary research and workshops in cooperation with the Gruter Institute and the Aspen Institute on the impact of trust, reciprocity, reputation, social signaling on the formation of digital institutions. He is the author of A Crowd of One: The Future of Individual Identity, Perseus, Public Affairs, 2007.



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