John Faughnan

Physician Informaticist

Knowledge Representation in Health Care
55 minutes, 25.3mb, recorded 2008-07-16
John Faughnan

Physician and medical informatician John Faughnan is an eclectic and engaging thinker and writer. On this edition of Interviews with Innovators, he converses with host Jon Udell about the progress of knowledge representation and information exchange in the field of health care, and about personal strategies for memory management and effective communication.

John Faughnan is a physician informaticist with 14 years of experience in building clinical productivity applications. His current projects focus on the cost-effective application of knowledge representation and knowledge management technologies to increase productivity and quality. In addition to his industry experience Dr. Faughnan's background includes rural and urban family practice and academic research, research and education fellowships and predoctoral training, international health care, predoctoral education, and graduate studies in health informatics. Dr. Faughnan also teaches Health Informatics at the University of Minnesota.


This free podcast is from our Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators series.

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