Jean-Claude Bradley

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Drexel University

Open Notebook Science
59 minutes, 27.3mb, recorded 2008-06-10
Jean-Claude Bradley

Jean-Claude Bradley, an associate professor of chemistry at Drexel University, is a pioneering practitioner of open notebook science. He believes that scientific research happens better and faster when the entire process is transparently narrated online.

Jean-Claude Bradley is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and E-Learning Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences at Drexel University. He leads the UsefulChem project, an initiative started in the summer of 2005 to make the scientific process as transparent as possible by publishing all research work in real time to a collection of public blogs, wikis and other web pages. Bradley coined the term Open Notebook Science to distinguish this approach from other more restricted forms of Open Science.

Bradley has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and has published articles and obtained patents in the areas of synthetic and mechanistic chemistry, gene therapy, nanotechnology and scientific knowledge management.


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