Adam Jacob, Jesse Robbins

Automated Infrastructure
57 minutes, 26.3mb, recorded 2008-05-07
Jesse Robbins

In his recent presentation at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Adam Jacob talked about why a start-up needs an automated infrastructure. He covered the components necessary for any automated infrastructure to be successful and also presented use-cases. Along with Jesse Robbins, Adam joins Phil and Scott to talk about the automated infrastructure process.

They also discuss how iClassify and Puppet are used, and review the steps to automated infrastructure.


A twelve year system operations veteran, Adam Jacob is a Founder and Sr. Partner in HJK Solutions. HJK helps startups build stable, scaleable, and repeatable infrastructures utilizing open-source tools.

Jesse Robbins is passionate about infrastructure, emergency management, and technology that helps people be safe, happy, and free. He currently serves as the Director of Infrastructure at Etelos, co-chair of the Velocity Performance & Operations Conference, and is part of the O’Reilly Radar. He previously worked at where his title was “Master of Disaster” and where he was responsible for Website Availability.

Jesse is a volunteer Firefighter/EMT & Emergency Manager, and led a task force deployed in Operation Hurricane Katrina.



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