Janis Dickinson

Director, Citizen Science at Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Gathering Bird Observations Throughout the Western Hemisphere
32 minutes, 14.9mb, recorded 2008-04-29
Janis Dickinson

Janis Dickinson directs the citizen science program at Cornell's Laboratory of Ornithology. On this edition of Interviews with Innovators with Jon Udell she discusses the lab's various projects. One of them, eBird, is an online system that gathers bird observations from recreational and professional birdwatchers the world. Their efforts are helping scientists answer questions about the diversity and abundance of birds.

Dr. Janis Dickinson is Director of Citizen Science at Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Associate Professor of Natural Resources at Cornell University. She is a behavioral ecologist who shifted careers in 2005 to follow her interest in the power of the internet to harness the efforts of birdwatchers towards bird monitoring and collective environmental stewardship. Dickinson has brought to citizen science expertise in avian ecology and the evolution of cooperation. Her current passion is understanding the potential for human consciousness, social psychology, and social networking to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.


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