Raymond Yee

Lecturer, UC Berkeley & Author

Working with Data Sources
41 minutes, 19mb, recorded 2008-04-20
Raymond Yee

Raymond Yee is a lecturer at the UC Berkeley School of Information and the author of Pro Web 2.0 Mashups: Remixing Data and Web Services. In this conversation he talks about teaching students how to work with existing data sources, and speculates with Jon Udell on ways to expand the supply of available sources.

Raymond Yee is a data architect, consultant, trainer, and author of "Pro Web 2.0 Mashups: Remixing Data and Web Services." He is currently a lecturer at the School of Information, UC Berkeley, where he teaches the course "Mixing and Remixing Information". While earning a Ph.D. in biophysics, he taught computer science, philosophy, and personal development to K-11 students in the Academic Talent Development Program on the Berkeley campus. He is the primary architect of the Scholar's Box, software that enables users to gather digital content from multiple sources to create personal collections that can be shared with others. As a software architect and developer, he focuses on developing software to support learning, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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