Matt Zimmerman

Ubuntu CTO, Canonical Ltd

Ubuntu Technical Roadmap
20 minutes, 9.5mb, recorded 2007-07-23
Matt Zimmerman

In keeping with the subtitle of his presentation, "Collaboration Delivers", Matt Zimmerman begins with a discussion of the development cycle and the importance of continuous community participation in the process. The Ubuntu development process is completely open, and users are encouraged to provide their ideas, feedback, and even code.

When it comes to platforms, Ubuntu's focus remains firmly on the desktop, and Zimmerman discusses the enhancements that Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 provide with improved support for wireless networks, Windows settings migration, codec installation, and additional features that desktop users have asked for. He also touches on the development of the server edition of Ubuntu to address the needs of business users and Ubuntu's recent exploration of the mobile environment in cooperation with Intel.

Zimmerman clarifies the rationale behind the regular six-month releases as compared to the LTS (long term support) releases and how each serves a different segment of the Ubuntu community. He concludes with a look at what's coming for Ubuntu and the role that the growing community of users and developers plays in accelerating innovation. Following the presentation is a short Q&A session covering support for virtualization and security software.

Matt Zimmerman is the CTO of Ubuntu, Canonical Ltd. He joined Canonical Ltd in 2004, and currently resides in London. He holds overall responsibility for Ubuntu engineering, including technology innovation, research and development, quality assurance and release operations, and also serves as chair of the Ubuntu Technical Board.

One of the first employees at Canonical, he led the team which created the Ubuntu distribution. Prior to joining Canonical, he was a developer in the Debian project, another linux-based distribution on which Ubuntu is based.


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