Tim Spalding

Founder, LibraryThing

Social Cataloging for Book Lovers
51 minutes, 23.6mb, recorded 2008-03-26
Tim Spalding

Social networking is not just limited to making and maintaining personal and business relations. On this edition of Interviews with Innovators, host Jon Udell speaks with Tim Spalding, the founder and lead developer of LibraryThing, a popular service for cataloging, discovering, recommending, and discussing books, and people who love books.

Tim Spalding is the founder and lead developer of LibraryThing, a social networking and "social cataloging" site for book lovers. LibraryThing explores the potential of personal organization, exhibitionism and social networking. Spalding started LibraryThing in August of 2005 as a hobby project. As of March, 2008 it has grown to some 380,000 members who have cataloged twenty-five million books.


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