Steven Adler

Program Director, IBM Data Governance

Technometria: Data Governance
56 minutes, 25.9mb, recorded 2008-03-17
Steven Adler

Since data is the raw material of the information economy, it is increasingly important that it is properly controlled by organizations. Data governance is a quality control discipline for assessing, managing, using, improving, monitoring, maintaining, and protecting organizational information. Steven Adler, Program Director of IBM Data Governance, joins Phil and Scott to discuss the increasingly important issue.

He first talks about the overall importance of data governance and how organizations must build data accountability. He discusses IBM's work to protect data as a business priority. He reviews the Data Governance Maturity Model, giving useful details about how organizations can better protect their valuable commodity.

Steven B. Adler is director of IBM's Data Governance Solutions and a recognized authority and innovator on data governance, security, privacy, operational risk management, and business process transformation. Additionally, Steven is chairman of the IBM Data Governance Council, an international leadership group of over 50 executives working together to design and evaluate comprehensive data governance solutions and an adjunct professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University.


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